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Confirmation by Edward de Cherleton of grants made to Strata Marcella by his predecessors

National Library of Wales

Ref: Wynnstay Estate Records, Strata Marcella charter 89

Type: Document

Date: 1420

Edward de Charleton, lord of Powis, has inspected, read over and understood all the charters of gifts and grants of his parents, the noble lords of Powis, of all the lands, tenements, pastures, trees, woods, liberties with their appurtenances given to God, the Blessed Mary and the monks of the monastary of Stradmarghell of the Cistercian Order, for the welfare of the souls of his parents in pure and perpetual alms, namely, the land called Stradmarghell from a place called Gweunburth to Aberbeleu and from Hafvren to Beleu, lands called Crocpennau and Upper Redheskyn and Lower Redheskyn, lands which they hold in Argengroec, the grange of Stradelvedan with Gnatht'mant and Rhandir Gwayann, and with the land which they have in Talerthic and Tithynprid, the grange of Moydauc with Brionnen and with the land they possess in Gaer, the grange of Treffnant, the grange of Dolwen with Sechtyn, the grange of Talerthic, the grange of Pennantbacho with Cumbuga, lands called Scorvaur Blaynkarno, lands called Pennant Hieweyng, Aberbrewen, Riwkaneissiet, Deupiu, Diffren merthir, Pennant Kenlleu, Roswidawl, Rosygarrec, Pennantyky, lands called Cudikel, Koidllyn, Braicherhoch, Klegernant, Peruethgefneu, Keuen Coch, Kemman, all pastures and woods which they hold in Keueilliauc, Arrwistly, Krenyann, Meghen and Moghnant as the charter of King Edward specifies and confirms. He has also inspected the charter of John de Charleton his father. He confirms to the abbot and convent and their successors the following liberties: none of his officers or those of his heirs shall take or cause to be attached any of the abbot's tenants to answer at his and his heirs' suit in his/their courts, unless taken in felony or for debt to the lord, so that none of the abbot's tenants ought to be present at the great court of Powis upon the inquisition of the grand jury; if they should be present for trespasses, they ought not to be amerced there by his or his heirs' officers. If the abbot's tenants should give security in 20s. or less in any of the abbot's courts against twelve persons giving wrong judgement, the abbot shall have the cognizance, determination and punishment thereof. If two parts of the abbot's tenants and residents should claim a property in anything, the convent shall have the cognizance, determination and taxation thereof according to the legal consideration of their officers to the amount of 60s. inclusive. None of his or his heirs' officers shall or cause to attach anybody within the monastery's inclosure unless it be for a debt due to him or his heirs or for felony, if he may not have taken defence. He grants to the abbot and convent freedom of toll for buying of beasts and victuals for their own proper use, wheresoever they may buy them or within his own lordship.

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