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Life of Robert Bethune, by William Wycombe, fourth prior of Llanthony

Lambeth Palace

Ref: MS 475 ff 109-80

Type: Document

Date: mid 12th century

Prologue addressed to Henry of Blois, bishop of Winchester.
[The Cotton MS. has a dedication to Reginald, Prior of Wenlock. Published H. Wharton, Anglia Sacra 2, pp. 293-321 and translated in G. Robert’s, Some Account of Llanthony Priory, pp 80-116. Copies in BL, MS Cotton Julius Dx,ff. 2-28; Toronto University, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, MS 5088 (formerly Phillipps MS 22230; 13th century).
Wharton omits the miracles: cap. xix records how a wooden bridge over the Lugg was carried away and the lost plank brought back by the bishop's orders; and how an epileptic was cured at Ledbury.
Cap. xxvii tells of how a girl was healed at the funeral
and cap. xxix. of how a 'contracted' boy, the son of a 'homo monacorum ' at 'Eganesham' abbey, was healed.
Cap. xxxi describes how after the burial at Hereford a sick woman took a bundle of hay which had been under the bishop's body, to use as a pillow and was duly healed.
It also records cures effected on the occasion of St Ethelbert's fair. A knight, Oliuirus, who expressed his delight that the bishop was dead and buried duly lost the power of speech and sight lost but eventually recovered.
A canon regular 'de partibus transmarinis' who had a withered hand was healed.

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