Monastic Wales.

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Book formerly belonging to Llanthony Prima: Gregorii Quaedam

Lambeth Palace, London

Ref: MS 96

Type: Document

Date: 12th century

Volume 2 belonged to Llanthony Prima

4. Gregorii Homiliae in Evangelia . . . . . 113
Reuerentissimo ... Secundino ... Gregorius ... inter sacra missarum
- certiores fiant.
Inc. capitulatio . . . . . 113
Inc. liber xl. omeliarum b. greg. pape. Lectio s. Evangelii
sec. Lucam. In illo temp. dixit ... Erunt signa . . . . . 114
Omelia lect. eiusd. habita ad populum in basilica S. Petri
Ap. Dominus ac redemptor.
Ends 243b: in uestris mentibus loquatur qui uiuit ... per omn.
sec. sec. Amen.

The flyleaf at the top (xv) reads: Iste liber constat ecclesie conuentuali la(n)thon. prime in Wallia. On R.: ex mutuo conceditur decano herford.
There is also a sketch of part of an ornament.

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