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c. 1535: Wealth

On the eve of the Dissolution Bardsey’s annual income was recorded for the Valor Ecclesiasticus as over £46.

£25 4s 8d of this amount came from spiritualities and £20 16s 9d from temporalities.

This amount was relatively low and was perhaps a consequence of Bardsey's attacks by marauders.
At this time Bardsey held just one appropriated church - Aberdaron. There is no mention of the five granges that Bardsey owned [Cadlan, Cwmdyli, Llangwnadi, Mynachody, Tudweiliog] although, as Robinson argues [The Geography of Augustinian Settlement, p. 320], the abbey likely retained these until the Dissolution.

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The National Archives, 'The Valor Ecclesiasticus', (Document), (View website)

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pre 1240Foundation - Bardsey was reconstituted as an Augustinian community before the middle of the thirteenth century and soon gained influence, holding considerable areas of the Lleyn peninsula.
 [5 sources]
c.1291Wealth - According to the Taxatio Ecclesiastica Bardey's income was c. £16 3s 0d. [1 sources]
1509Levy of fine - The abbot of Bardsey was fined 40s for failing to attend the Augustinian General Chapter at Leicester. [2 sources]
c.1535Wealth - On the eve of the Dissolution Bardsey’s annual income was recorded for the Valor Ecclesiasticus as over £46. [5 sources][1 archives]
c.1537Dissolution - Bardsey was dissolved under the 1536 Act of Suppression.  [3 sources]