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1536 : Request

Sir Richard Bulkeley wrote to Thomas Cromwell on Prior John of Penmon's behalf.

On 21 November Bulkeley wrote to Cromwell asking that Prior John Ingram of Penmon, who had been shut up in his house by the royal commissioners, Dr Elys Price and William Glyn, be shown favour. The commissioners had instructed the prior to send them the various documents which had been in Bulkeley's possession and which he now enclosed. Cromwell was to receive 20 nobles at Christmas and an additional 20 at the feast of St Peter and St Paul so long as the prior was given his liberty and no longer troubled by the commissioners.

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Other events in the history of this site

c.1220Foundation - Penmon, like other important 'clasau' in Northern Wales, was reorganised as an Augustinian foundation.  [1 sources]
1221Grant - The canons of Puffin Island acquired ownership of an onshore site at Penmon.  [2 sources]
1229Confirmation - Dafydd ap Llywelyn confirmed his father's charter of 1221. [2 sources]
1238Confirmation - Dafydd ap Llywelyn confirmed once more his father's charter. [1 sources]
1247 Confirmation - Additional confirmations were made by Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and his brother, Owain. [2 sources]
1258Abbot as witness - The prior of Penmon, along with the prior of Beddgelert and the abbots of Bardsey and Aberconwy, witnessed Llywelyn’s charter pledging his protection to Maredudd ap Rhys, in return for the latter’s homage. [1 sources]
1282Destruction - The priory suffered during the Edwardian wars and was burned; the community received £46 compensation. [1 sources]
1381Clerical poll tax - Payments required from the community. [1 sources][1 archives]
c.1400Government of house - There was a change in the government of the priory which was now presided over by English priors who had burgesses in Beaumaris town. [1 sources]
1504Visitation - The visitation records of William Warham, archbishop of Canterbury, record the incontinence of Prior John Ingram of Penmon and two of the canons.  [2 sources][1 archives]
1509Fine - The prior of Penmon was fined 10s for failing to attend the Augustinian General Chapter at Leicester. [1 sources]
c.1535Wealth - The Valor Ecclesiasticus estimated the priory's income at just over £40, making it one of the poorest religious houses in Wales. [2 sources][1 archives]
1536 Request - Sir Richard Bulkeley wrote to Thomas Cromwell on Prior John of Penmon's behalf. [2 sources]
c.1537Dissolution - The house was dissolved under the Act of 1536, but no date is given. [2 sources]