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1482: Bequest

Henry, duke of Buckingham, gave six burgages to the friar.

His gift was confirmed in 1487 by Jasper Tudor, duke of Bedford.

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Wakeman, T., The Monastery of Austin Friars at Newport (Newport, 1859) p. 7

Other events in the history of this site

c.1377Foundation - The friary was founded shortly before 1377 by Hugh, earl of Stafford, seemingly on the site of a chapel dedicated to St Nicholas.
 [3 sources]
c.1402Destruction - The friary was destroyed in the Welsh revolt but was rebuilt shortly thereafter thanks to the duke of Buckingham. [2 sources]
pre 1448Bequest - Hugh, duke of Buckingham, gave twenty-two burgages to the friary. [1 sources]
1482Bequest - Henry, duke of Buckingham, gave six burgages to the friar. [1 sources]
1495Bequest - Jasper Tudor, duke of Bedford and uncle of Henry VII, bequeathed twenty shillings to the Austin Friars at Newport. [2 sources]
1538Dissolution - On 8 September 1538 the friary was surrendered to the king's agent by the last prior of Newport, Richard Batte. [5 sources]