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St Clears (Priory)

Order: Cluniac

St Clears was founded as an alien cell of St Martin des Champs, Paris, but the founder is not now known. Since 1920 the Church in Wales has been responsible for appointing the vicars of St Clears. show details of standing remains

Dedicated to: St Clarus and Mary Magdalene Medieval Diocese: St David's
Affiliated to: St Martin des Champs, Paris (mother-house)
Lordship at foundation: Mortimer
Access: Parish church open to public
Owned by: Representative Body of the Church in Wales

Main events in the history of this site

1147-1184Foundation - The priory was founded in the second half of the twelfth century. [1 source]
1279Monastic observance - The prior of St Clears was summoned to Barnstaple Priory, another of St Martin's dependencies, to answer questions regarding the state of monastic observance.  [2 sources]
1288Debts - The prior of St Clears (William Arraines) reputedly absconded with debts outstanding to the bishop of St David’s who duly seized the priory.  [3 sources]
c.1291Wealth - According to the Taxatio the house had only twelve acres of arable land and its spiritualities and temporalities totalled £15 19s 2d.  [2 sources]
1294x1414Custody - During these years the house was generally in royal custody. [2 sources][1 archive]
1305Wealth - The royal officials valued the cell at £8 10s  [1 source][1 archive]
c.1333Resignation - By September 1333 John Seyer had resigned as prior of St Clears on account of his dissolute conduct.  [1 source]
1339Custody - On 16 July 1339, Pontius, a monk of St Clears, was granted the keeping of St Clears during the French Wars.  [1 source]
1377Poll tax - Only the prior is listed. [1 source][1 archive]
1378-1409Papal Schism - Contact between Cluny and her houses in England and Wales was severed.  [1 source]
1378Valuation - By 1378 the value of the priory had increased to £19 6s 8d. [1 archive]
c.1414Dissolution - St Clears was dissolved c. 1414.  [1 source]
1442Custody - St Clears was granted to All Souls College, Oxford [1 source]
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Archival sources

The National Archives, 'Exchequer, King's Remembrancer Clerical Subsidies - St Clears 1377', (Document), (View website)

The National Archives, 'Writ and inquisition relating to priory of St Clears', (Document), (View website)

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Capital arch, St Clears

Capital, St Clears

Capital, St Clears

Capital, St Clears

Capital, St Clears

Capitals on the chancel arch, priory church of St Mary Magdalene

Chancel arch, priory church of St Mary Magdalene

Church at St Clears, from the south

Exterior of the chancel, St Clears, from the south east

Former priory church at St Clears

Interior of the church at St Clears

Priory Church of St Mary Magdalene

St Clears, the church from the south

The church at St Clears

Exterior of the chancel, St Clears, from the south east

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