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Gilbert, abbot of Margam (1203-1213)

Active: 1203-1213   

A monk of Kirkstead Abbey, Gilbert was elevated to the abbacy of Margam in 1203 but retired to his former house following his retirement from office in 1213.

Gilbert acquired papal confirmation of Margam's possessions in 1203 and secured King John's favour. However, Gilbert faced a rebellion from the lay-brothers in 1206 when a group of the men attacked him and also the cellarer, and barricaded themselves inside the monks' dormitory with the community's supplies.
Gerald of Wales was a harsh critic of Abbot Gilbert whom he blamed for provoking the rebellion of 1206. Gerald also accused him of impoverishing the monks of Neath. He claimed that Abbot Gilbert later received his comeuppance - epilepsy and ultimately deposition from the abbacy.

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Margam Abbey, Neath Port Talbot (abbot)

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