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Priors of Pill

A list of the known priors of Pill

Robert: occurs as prior 1248 x 1255.

Henry: pre 1294 when Robert and Henry are described as former priors of the house.

Phillip: occurs as prior in October 1280 and on various occasions until March 1320.

Philip Rey(n)bod: occurs as prior in 1380 x 81.view

Walter Robjoy: occurs as prior in October 1399, 1406, 1409, 1415.

David (Dafydd): occurs as prior in October 1436, July 1453, and in 1456.

David (Dafydd): is described as former prior in a court case of 1513, and is said to have been prior in the time of Edward IV (1461-83). He is possibly the same man as David (above), who is recorded between 1436 and 1456.

William Herry: occurs as prior in July 1476; perhaps to be identified with William (see below).

William: occurs as prior in November 1486 and October 1489; may be the William Herry named above.

David Luce: occurs as prior of Pill in February 1496, 1498, 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504; should probably be identified as the conventual prior of St Dogmaels mentioned in 1487 and who, as a monk of St Dogmaels, received dispensation for illegitimacy in October 1489. He may be the Prior David who occurs in 1511, 1513, and 1514.

Maurice Johne: it is not clear when exactly he held office but in May 1537 he was described as recently prior of Pill and given dispensation to hold a benefice with change of habit.

William Watts (Wattes / Watt): pre 1537.
He occurs as prior in 28 December 1531 and acknowledged the Supremacy of the king in 1534; he also occurs as prior in 1535.

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Pill Priory, Pembrokeshire

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