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Priors of St Clears

List of known priors of St Clears

William de Airaines: pre 1288 when he absconded leaving unpaid debts owing to the bishop of St David's and transferred to St James’s Priory. Read more.

John Seyer (Soier, Soyer): he had resigned by 13 September 1333 and was transferred to Barnstaple, although the bishop admitted him with great reluctance as John had gained a bad reputation in Wales where he was accused of simony, of mismanaging the priory and of having children.

Peter Seyer: from 1333 -?
He was a monk of St Martin des Champs. The prior and convent of St Martin notified the king on 14 July 1333 that a new prior had been appointed although they did not name him.

Pontius: a monk of St Clears.
On 16 July 1339 he was granted the keeping of the house, as prior, during the French Wars. He was preferred by the prior of St Martin des Champs and granted the keeping of the priory on 30 April 1341. An unnamed prior, perhaps Pontius, was dead by 12 February 1346.

William Trois: pre 1370.
William was dead by 1 September 1370 when custody of the house was granted to John Barlus, monk of St Clears

Thomas of Thetford: he is mentioned as newly preferred to St Clears by the prior of St Martin des Champs on 22 September 1372. He occurs as prior in March 1376, October 1377, February 1381 and February 1393. He had seemingly died by 1403.

Richard Lodelowe / Ludlow:
A monk of Bermondsey, Richard was appointed prior by the archbishop of Canterbury and the abbot of Bermondsey in February 1403, upon the death of the last prior who is not named. Richard occurs as prior in September 1403.

John Weston: 1416.
He was subprior of Lenton and was appointed prior of St Clears by Prior Thomas of Lenton in his capacity as vicar of the Cluniac houses in England and Scotland. The position had evidently been long vacant.

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St Clears Priory, Carmarthenshire

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