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Priors of Beddgelert

A list of the known priors of Beddgelert; none are recorded before 1286.

Madoc: occurs as prior in May 1286. View details

Philip: ?-1293.
Philip is mentioned as prior in June 1289. He had left office by 1 November 1293 when Robert de Staundon, justice of North Wales, was empowered to grant licence to elect a new prior, and to give royal assent to the election, and duly restore the temporalities of the house.

Philip II: ?-1322.
Philip died in 1322 when licence was given in April to elect a successor.

Llewelyn: 1322-1337.
A canon of Beddgelert, he received the temporalities of the house in May 1322. His election to office was confirmed by the bishop of Bangor on 20 May 1322 but he had resigned by March 1337, probably 1 March. On 12 March 1337 licence was given to elect a successor.

John de Leyn: 1337-?
John was a canon of Beddgelert and his election was presented to the king, Edward III, for royal assent, in April 1337; he received the temporalities of the house on 10 April 1337.

Cuhelyn (Keelin): ?-1376.
Cuhelyn occurs as prior in March 1375 but had left or died by 7 May 1376 when the archdeacon of Bangor was instructed to proceed with the election of his successor.

John: occurs as prior in 1379. View details

Jevan ap Bled: ?-1390.
Jevan died in August 1390; in September licence was given to elect a successor.

Matthew: 1390-?
Royal assent was given to the election of Matthew, a canon of Beddgelert and priest, on 3 October 1390.

Griffith ap Llewellyn: described as late prior of the house in a case of 1501-2.

[Dafydd (David) Conway (Conwaye, Conwey):] ?-1535.
David occurs as prior of the house in 1501-2 and on several occasions until January 1530. He was probably the canon of St Frideswide's Priory, Oxford, who in 1499 received papal dispensation to hold any office within his order. He died in 1535 and the king duly took the priory into royal hands. The site was granted to the abbot of Chertsey in 1536.

In December 1537 Beddgelert Priory was granted to the newly-founded abbey at Bisham.

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Beddgelert Priory, Gwynedd

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