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Abbots of Cwmhir

A list of the known abbots of Cwmhir.

Meurig: ?-1184, when he died.

Canaucus: occurs as abbot in the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries.

Rind: occurs as abbot c. 1201.

G(wrgeneu): occurs as abbot 1215x29. He should perhaps be identified with the Gwrgenau who was prior of Cwmhir in 1206.

'A': occurs as abbot in July 1227.

Philip: occurs c. 1241 as abbot of the house.

Griffin: ?-1261; he died in September 1261.

Cadwgan: occurs as abbot in May 1276 and should perhaps be identified with Cadwgan Ap Yeva (below).

Cadwgan Ap Yeva (Caducus, Caducanus): he is the unnamed abbot described as recently made abbot in a document of December 1279 and presided as abbot of Cwmhir from at least 1278. He may have been preceded by another Cadwgan who officiated from 1276-8 (above). Cadwgan occurs as abbot in 1281 and June 1297.

Dafydd (David) Las: David was abbot of Cwmhir in November 1352 when the archbishop of Canterbury wrote to the bishop of St Asaph regarding his intrusion into the abbacy at Strata Marcella.

John: occurs as abbot in 1381 View details

Lewis: occurs as abbot in July 1446.

Owain ap Dafydd (David): occurs as abbot in June 1475 and is perhaps to be identified with Owain Ellis (below).
Owain was a monk of Cwmhir and was ordained in 1458-9. He may have had an illegimate son named Geoffrey who occurs in 1485.

Owain Ellis: occurs 1490.

Humphrey: occurs as abbot from September 1491 to January 1494.

Owain: occurs as abbot in 1494 and 1496.

Thomas: occurs as abbot in 1502 and in a document that may date to August 1507.

William Jones (Johns): ?-1516 when he resigned from office.
Following his resignation John was granted a pension and was in receipt of this in 1537. Smith, [Heads, III, p. 261], suggests that he was perhaps the William Johns, monk of Cwmhir, who resided at the abbey's Carnaff Grange c. 1530.

Richard Vaughan or Vayn: 1516-?
Richard occurs as abbot from 1516 and on various occasions until February 1528.

William: occurs in 1518.

Geoffrey Davys: appears as abbot in April 1533.

John Glyn (Glyne, Glynn, ?Elyn): 1534-37.
John had previously served as abbot of Dore, Herefordshire, but was deprived of office c. 1528/9 on account of negligence. John was abbot of Cwmhir at its dissolution.

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Cwmhir Abbey, Powys

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