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Remnants of Carmarthen Friary

Nothing remains of the former Franciscan friary in Carmarthen and the site is now occupied by a superstore. However extensive excavations were carried out in the 1980s and 1990s, prior to construction work. The first excavations (1983-1990) uncovered the plan of most of the friary, bar the choir and nave, and confirmed that the original friary comprised a church, chapter-house and large cloister; a second and smaller cloister was later added as well as an infirmary and a range of rooms. The remains of over two hundred friars and members of the laity were also found at this time.
Later excavations, in 1997, focused on the area of the friars' choir and the adjacent buildings. A number of burials were found - over sixty - and various small finds. For details see: D. Brennan, 'Excavations at Carmarthen Greyfriars 1983-1990: the small finds and other artefacts', Dyfed Archaeological Trust: Topic Report Number 4, ed. T. James (2001) []; T. James, 'Excavations at Carmarthen Greyfriars 1983-1990', Medieval Archaeology (1997), pp. 100-94; A. Manning, 'Carmarthen Greyfriars: Carmarthen. The 1997 rescue excavations and watching brief on the site of the choir and area north of the friary', Unpublished Cambrian Archaeology Report (1998) [].

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