Monastic Wales.

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The Scriptorium of Margam Abbey and the Scribes of Early Angevin Glamorgan: secretarial administration in a Welsh marcher barony, c.1150-c.1225

Patterson, Robert B.

(Woodbridge 2002)

The scriptorium of Margam Abbey was not simply concerned with the monastery's business but in the twelfth century provided staff for the central administration of the earldom of Gloucester and in the early thirteenth century served as the earldom's writing-office for Glamorgan. Patterson traces the organisation and development of Margam Abbey's secretarial administration and places it in the context of similar institutions in the Marcher lordship during the first eighty years of he abbey's history. He has identified and dated over fifty scribal hands found in Margam's manuscripts now preserved in the National Library of Wales, as well as the charter collections in the British Library and the Hereford Cathedral Library. Full descriptions of these hands show the evolution of secretarial hands in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

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