Monastic Wales.

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Annales Cambriae: A Translation of Harleian 3859; PRO E.164/1; Cottonian Domitian, A 1; Exeter Cathedral Library MS. 3514 and MS Exchequer DB Neath, PRO E

Paul Martin Remfry (ed.)

SCS Publishing (Malvern 2007)

An English translation of the five mentioned texts with descriptions, discussions and genealogical tables
The Annales is an imporant work and was seemingly the basis for all later chronicles of Wales. It was completed c. 954, probably at St. David by the archdeacon of Llandaff, Blegewyrd. There are four main surviving versions: the earliest (c. 1200) is British Library, MS. Harley 3859, folios 190r-193; British Library, MS. Cotton Domitian A.i, folios 138r-155r was likely written at Strata Florida Abbey, c. 1288; The National Archives, Kew, E 164/1, may have belonged to Neath Abbey; Exeter, Cathedral Library, MS. 3514, was perhaps compiled at Whitland Abbey.

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